First United Methodist Church

Crescent, OK 



In the Spirit of "Missio Dei" (seeking to fulfill God's mission), we are defining ourselves as a community focused more on doing than on talking about it; on loving and caring for our neighbors and for those who are strangers.


As a God lead community, we believe in the transforming power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we recognize that only by the grace of God and the sustaining presence of the Holy Spirit, can become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

    We have a care bear project, prayer team project and care basket project.  We are also about to launch a new project called "Adopt a Neighborhood" where we take on a zone and get to know and care for the people in that area (are current target is the low income apartment complex, but that has not been voted on so you can not reference that specifically).  We also support the following Conference Ministries: 
     (a) Addition Ministries
     (b) Criminal Justice Ministries
     (c) OK Campus Ministries
     (d) Circle of Care Ministries
     (e) Skyline Urban Ministries (put this one first).  Plus we support the local food bank, a Crescent based clothing ministries and other projects in association with the  Crescent Ministerial Association